HealthTalks at Schools

Health Talk in St. George’s Alaknanda


Child Heart foundation, conducted the second Health Talk at Carmel Convent School, Chanakyapuri.


After the summer vacations, we rejuvenated our aim of making lives of our young generation healthy again, through an encouraging talk given by Dr. Vikas Kohl, to the students of Carmel Convent School. Child Heart Foundation (CHF), scheduled a health talk at Carmel Convent School, Chanakyapuri on the 30th July, 2014, in continuation to the previous Health Talk held at the St’ George School, Alaknanda.

CHF addressed about 300 students of Carmel Convent School. Students were very impressed and encouraged by Dr Vikas’s words of inspiration, and the emphasis he put on the need for a healthy heart, body and mind for a successful life.


The initiative to groom children about healthy foods & regular exercise was excellent & encouraging. It was really helpful for all of us and i have learned a lot from the inspiring talk of Dr. Vikas Kohli.

Hands off to Dr. Vikas Kohli who has started this initiative. I know he will be having very busy and hectic schedule but in spite of that, he gave his precious time to all of us. I will definitely try to promote the need of healthy life in my community.

–Ayush Agarwal-IX

Thank you for your suggestion on how to prevent heart disease. Your suggestion will not only help me on life’s way but others also. I’ll share our talks with my family and friends and pray to god that everyone should be free from heart disease.

–Sanskriti Choudhary VIII D

It was an enlightening workshop that has inspired me to make people around me aware about Heart Disease. Health Talk by Dr. Vikas Kohli was indeed an eye opener to all of us.

–Ashi Chadda- IX

The workshop was certainly an eye-opener. It helped me realize that even my day to day life is affected by these small things. Thanks for making me alert and helping me to stay healthy.


Thank You for your guidance. I will follow all the three rules which you guided us and also share them among my friends, teachers and parents.

–Ishita- VIII

The information given by Child Heart Foundation was very helpful. Dr. Vikas Kohli is a great role model for all of us. Thank you so much!!

–Samya Khare-VIII

Thank you doctor for your inspirational talks. I always wanted this kind of a workshop. It will be very helpful for us.

–Shubhi Khurana-X

Very informative and inspiring talk. An excellent initiative to raise awareness about Healthy Heart.

–Sumaira khan-IX

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