Few words about CHF


Child Heart Foundation is built for helping children with heart disease. The focus is families who are financially challenged and can’t meet the financial requirements for heart surgery or intervention.
CHF was started with this idea by parents who have been through similar situations and have gotten over with their tough part of life now want to “give back” to the needy families.
It was founded by 7 parents whose children have already been treated along with Dr. Vikas Kohli. These were the founding trustees of the organisation. The NGO got formally listed in January 2013. The organisation had been helping several children with their evaluation, treatment and management already for several years. The process was formalised for the purposes of helping families and raising funds with due processes in place.


CHF carries out several free camps’, OPD’s and weekly free OPD’s all over North India

In the due course of their functioning when they come across needy families, the family gets registered under CHF. The process of registration is duly followed with proof of income and referral letter from a doctor and cardiac evaluation and recommendations. Once a family is recognised to be in need of financial help, their appeal and details are floated in the media and to various CSR departments of PSU’s.