Appeal Stories

Story of Mishti

Parents of one-year baby girl called Misthi from Paschim Vihar near Nagloi came in contact with the Child Heart Foundation for help. Sanjeev (Father) works with the Real Juice distributor as a delivery boy and earns around Rs. 8500 a month. Misthi born with small pump of her heart. She also has blockage in the valve between her heart and lungs. Due to which she was constraint to suffer problems like, recurrent episodes of cyanosis, rapid breathing and poor weight gain. She was admitted in July 2015 at the BL Kapoor Memorial Hospital for Pulmonary Valvuloplasty surgery. The cost of operation was around 1 lakh rupees. To bear the cost of operation Sanjeev borrowed money on interest from a local Money Lender, which he can’t repay till date. She was not completely cure as she again diagnosed with RVOT Obstruction for which she needs another Glenn operation. The Estimate cost of operation is around 2.5 lacs. The family is in full distress as his father is helpless to save his daughter’s life due to financial incapability. The Child Heart Foundation appeals to the general public to come forward and gift a healthy and happy life to Misthi and her parent’s.


Story of Ajay

Ajay 16 year young boy came in the free opd of the child heart foundation and diagnose with Sinus venosus Atrial septal defect. According to doctor’s he needs open heart surgery and the estimate cost of this operation would be Rs. 2,50,000. His parents work as domestic servants in the farm houses of Vasant Kunj and earns about Rs. 7,000 a month. Ajay has 3 siblings. He is the only child in the family who goes to school. According to his parents, their entire income goes in the medication of ajay due to which they are not in the position to send their other children to school. Although ajay is going to school but restricted to participate in the extracurricular activities due to his illness. Thus, Child Heart Foundation appeals to the community and potential donors to come forward and help Ajay survive.

According to his treating doctor’s of Ajay , the surgery is the only medium to cure his heart. Defect and he will have lifelong complications in the unavailability of surgery.


Story of Monica

Monica- a 9 year old baby girl living at Budh Vihar in Delhi. Monica born with complex congenital heart disease. She born with large ASD, VSD and Tricuspid Atresia. Till date, she has undergone with two successful Heart Surgery. First operation was performed in RML hospital, Delhi and second operation was sponsored by the Child Heart Foundation and performed at Apollo Hospital of Delhi.

According to her treating Doctor’s she is 70% cured but needs another heart surgery for complete cure. Before recommending any heart surgery to her, doctor’s wants to diagnose her heart disease via Angiography. She belongs to a poor family and her family is going through a pretty tough phase. As since 9 years her family was somehow managing the monthly medicines expenses of Monica. Suddenly, came to know before 6 months that the brother of Monica who is four year old born with severe Nephotic disease. Her father works as street vendor and whatever small amount he earns spends in the medication of his children.

Outcome after Angiography: Doctor’s can diagnose the suspected Heart Disease and determine Heart Surgery to her. According to treating doctor’s she will be 100% cure after the third Heart Surgery.


Story of Deepanshu

Deepanshu a 2-Year-old child came in the free OPD of the Child Heart Foundation for help. He born in Bhiwadi (Haryana). At the age of one month, he developed excessive crying with difficulty in breathing with bluish discoloration of peripheries and lips. He was immediately taken to a doctor who suspected heart disease. For proper investigation, an Echo was done which revealed Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF). A rare condition caused by a combination of four heart defects that are present at birth. Tetralogy of Fallot defects cause oxygen-poor blood to flow out of the heart and into the rest of the body. As Deepanshu was not gaining weight to repair his defect, doctors advised his parents the surgery of BT shunt when he was 3-month-old. He went through a successful surgery of BT Shunt at the age of 3 Months. The cost of surgery was 2 lakh rupees and his parents invested all their hardcore savings in the treatment. They also lends 1.5 lakh rupees from a local money lender for his surgery. His father, Sanjay Kumar works as tailor and earns around 8,000 rupees a month. His income depends on the availability of work in the market. He was in continuous follow up with pediatric cardiologist, who advised his parents to go for another surgery of TOF Repair. The estimate cost of surgery is 2.5 Lakhs and the surgery is required in 3 to 4 month. Deepanshu’s father is unable to arrange money for the treatment of his child. According to treating doctor’s, Deepanshu will lead a normal life after the surgery and no further treatment is required for his heart his future. Please come forward and help Deepanshu to enjoy his life. Apart from your genuine donation, you can also help him, by sharing his story with your friends or on social media channels.


Story of Vineet

Vineet is 1.5-year-old boy, born with TOF (Tetralogy of Fallot) in the far-flung village of Uttar Pradesh (India). Since from his birth he was not gaining weight. His parents showed him to different doctors at his village but no one able to diagnose his problem. His condition was deteriorating day by day. He is weighted only 5 Kg at the age of 1.5 years. Recurrent episodes of cyanosis are part of his life. His father works as daily laborer and earns around Rs. 200 a day. His income depends on the availability of work at his village. For proper treatment of Vineet. The Family shifted to Delhi on rent. The doctor’s in Delhi diagnosed the child with TOF (Tetralogy of Fallot). The Child needs an immediate surgery of TOF repair. The total cost of surgery is Rs. 2.5 lacks. The financial condition of the family is restraining them to afford the cost of Surgery. According to treating doctor’s, the surgery is the only medium to cure his heart defect and unless he will have lifelong complications. After surgery, Vineet can lead a normal life without any increased risk to his health. You can help Vineet in his battle of survival. .


Story of Yuvraj

Yuvraj 9-month-old born at home in June 2016. Due to recurrent episodes of pneumonia and fast breathing difficulties since from the birth, his father has taken the child to the renowned paediatric of south Delhi, Dr. Ashok Chakarvarty, who referred the child to the child heart foundation for further evaluation and treatment of his heart. An Echo was done for evaluation which showed a rare condition caused by a combination of four heart defects that are present at birth called Tatalogy of Fallot. The illness causes flowing of oxygen poor blood to the body and into the rest of the body. The condition resulted in fast breathing with bluish discoloration of peripheries and lips. Due to poor weight gain, doctor advised him a surgery of BT Shunt first before a final surgery to completely cure his illness. The cost of surgery is 2.5 lakh rupees. There are 4 members in the family. Both house and shop is on rent, whatever money the family has invested in the earlier treatment of yuvraj. There is no other way to save his life. Please come forward and help this family and especially Yuvraj to have a healthy life .


Story of Shalu

Shalu a 7-year-old girl from Agra born with Large ASD. A birth defect that causes a hole in the wall between the heart's upper chambers (atria). It causes shortness of breath, heart palpitations, fatigue, swelling in the legs, feet or abdomen and heart murmurs. Her father works in fields as daily labourer at his village and his daily income ranges between 60 rs to 200 rs. His income depends on the availability of work at his village. There are 6 members in the family including 4 children. Shalu since from her birth breath normal than faster and as there were no qualified doctor present in her village due to which no one diagnosed her exact problem. As her breathing problem was continuing since from her birth. Her father took shalu for proper diagnosis to Delhi, where she diagnosed with Large ASD. She needs a device closure to treat her illness and cost of surgery is 2 lakh rupees. Her father going from a difficult situation as its always a challenge for him to arranges money for the food of his children by working hard into the fields and arranging money for the surgery is kind of impossible for him. Although he is ready to sale his house but no one ready to buy his tin shed house at his village. According to treating doctor’s she can lead a normal life after the surgery. Kindly come forward and help Shalu survive .


Story of Mayank Mandal

Mayank Mandal, 6 months old baby born with complete atrioventricular septal defect- a large hole in center of the heart affecting all four chambers where they would normally be divided. This defect allows blood to mix in heart and restrict the chambers and valves to not properly route the blood to each station of circulation. Normally, the left side of the heart only pumps blood to the body, and the heart’s right side only pumps blood to the lungs. But in the case of Mayank, blood can travel across the holes from the left heart chamber to the right heart chambers and out into the lung arteries. The extra blood being pumped into the lung arteries makes the heart and lungs work harder than normal. Due to the illness, Mayank breathe faster and harder than normal. He also faces trouble feeding and not growing at a normal rate. According to treating doctor, high pressure has been created in the lungs because more blood than normal is being pumped there. Over time it can causes permanent damage to the lung blood vessels. His defect can’t close on its own although medicines may be used temporarily to help with symptoms, but they don’t cure the defect or prevent permanent damage to the lung arteries. An urgent open heart surgery is the only solution to save his life. The surgery cannot be delayed more than 2 to 3 months. His father works in a private company as Field Executive and earns Rs. 7500 per month. The family has two children and living on rent at Uttam Nagar, Delhi. The rent of the house is Rs 2500 per month. The family forced to manage their monthly expenses in Rs.5000 including food & school expenditure of the elder daughter. The family also do not have any other property in village. Mayank’s father is the only earning member of the family. Whatever small investment the family has they invested in the early treatment of Mayank. The cost of Open Heart Surgery is Rs. 2.5 Lacks. Although the long-term outlook for the heart surgery of Mayank is good and he will not require any medicine or additional surgery in future. But there is an urgency for his heart treatment unless there is a threat to his survival. Please come forward and gift Mayank a healthy and long life. .


Story of Khushboo

Khushboo, 2-year girl from East Delhi came in the free OPD of the Child Heart Foundation for help. Pooja born with a large PDA (Patent Ductus Artriosus). Normally the heart's left side only pumps blood to the body, and the right side only pumps blood to the lungs. But in Pooja’s Case, due to her hole (PDA) the extra blood being pumped into the lung arteries makes the heart and lungs work harder and the lungs can become congested. Due to which, she breathes faster and harder than normal and not growing as per the growth & standards of her age.
Although, if the PDA is small, it doesn’t make the heart work harder and close on their own within a few months of life. But as the PDA is large in case of Pooja, treating doctors suggested her a device closer which will cost Rs. 1,50,000. If the hole remains open, it may cause permanent damage to the lung blood vessels. The long-term outlook of the surgery is good and Pooja will not require any treatment in the future for her heart. She will not need any special precautions regarding physical activity and can participate into normal activities without increased risk.
Her father works as an Office Boy in a Private Company and earns Rs. 10,000 a month. There are five members in the family and living on rent in East Delhi. The family somehow manages the monthly expenses. The family is unable to support the surgical expenses of Pooja due to their ill financial condition. Kindly come forward and gift Khushboo a healthy life. .