1. What is CHF? Why was it formed ?
Child Heart Foundation (CHF), a national level NGO, headquartered in New Delhi, was established for helping children with heart disease. The organisation focusses on families who are financially challenged and can’t meet the financial requirements for heart surgery or intervention. The journey of CHF started with the above idea by parents who have been through similar situations and have gotten over with their tough part of life now want to “give back” to the needy families.
2. Which heart problems does CHF deals with? Who are the target population ?
CHF deals with almost each heart defect and target population is children both born and unborn upto the age of 18 years.
3. What infrastructure available in India for congenital heart disease in children
There are no pediatric cardiac care programs in several states in India as highlighted earlier. Families have to travel hundreds of kilometres to reach a centre, which is equipped with necessary facilities. Besides expenses involved in travelling and staying in an alien city, there is considerable income loss due to lost work for number of days. This double disincentive often results in further delay to the point of sometimes making it too late for treatment. In Delhi, AIIMS is the only well-equipped government hospital, which have a capacity to deliver cardiac care to CHD children.
4. How does CHF work?
The broad steps on how CHF works is:
  • Spreading Awareness
  • Diagnosing children for heart conditions
  • Refer such families to Social Worker for counselling
  • Gather and provide financial assistance
  • Provide Treatment and Follow-up
    5. Is CHF recognised/registered? By whom?
    CHF registered under trust act, 1882. Registration No. 18 in Book No. 4 Vol No. 17 Dated Jan.7th, 2013 with Sub Registrar HauzKhas, New Delhi
    6. Is my donation will give me tax benefit ?
    Yes you will get tax exemption under 80G of Income Tax Act.
    7. How I can help poor children born with congenital heart defects ?
    8. Can I donate specifically for a child’s surgery ?
    A: Yes, you can donate specifically for a child’s surgery and you will get complete update about the child pre and post surgery.
    9. What percentage of my money will be utilized in the surgery ?
    100% of the money will be utilized in the surgery of a child.
    10. What is the PAN details of the Child Heart Foundation?