Testimonials of CHF Donor’s

It’s an honour and privilege to associate an organization who work dedicatedly for poor children born with heart defects

- Gagandeep Chaudhary

I am glad to associate with the child heart foundation. They have been doing amazing work for the cause of poor and needy in North India. They are an extremely committed and passionate group towards saving lives of children born with heart defects.

- Ankit Murarka

Being a father i can understand the pain of parents having children born with Heart Disease. As my three-month baby is diagnosed with the congenital heart defects. Hands off to the initiative of helping thousands of poor parents who are unable to provide the proper treatment to their children born with Congenital Heart Defects.

- Jugnu Verma

It is an honour and absolute privilege to contribute to such a great cause. I know every individual is not rich to save a life of every human being on earth but we can try and save a few

- Vinod Rana,

We had come to Delhi Child Heart Centre and Dr Kohli when we were not left with much hope from other corners, and we had visited the best in Delhi & consulted some of the best across India The confidence and optimism that the doctor showed towards our 2 months old child, suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy, was overwhelming. We have been visiting the place every month for the last one year and have seen with our own eyes how this place has been supporting people with limited means, holding free camps in tier 3 towns/ rural areas, having a free OPD every Thursday. In this world, many of us want to donate but are not sure if it is going to the right place; for all such people, rest assured - this is the place - you help save kids and give hope when that is all what's required

- Amit Mongia

"My Daughter was under Dr Vikas Kohli’s treatment/consultation for a few year’s.According to Dr Kohli’s statement “ This was a “MEDICAL MIRACLE “ and by the grace of Almighty she is fine. I learnt about CHD from Vikas and was touched.I have seen and experienced parents coming for their Kids treatment at the clinic and understand their feelings and plight. I took an oath the day my Daughter was perfect that I shall devote to the best of my ability whatever it takes to see smiles back on parents and the little angels. I and my wife – Rashmi – would love to make a huge difference to get HAPPINESS back in the lives of Parents and kids.We share Dr Kohli’s dream of building a CHILDREN HEART HOSPITAL in North India and shall pursue the same .

- Arun Anand

" We first met Dr. Kohli when our child was diagnosed with a Heart Condition, from that very first meeting we knew our child was in safe hands, during our visits to Delhi Child Heart Center and Hospitals during the tenure of the treatment we came to realise how ignorant we were to congenital heart diseases and heart conditions affecting young children in particular. We also came to know of developments in medical science whereby many of these conditions could be treated and a life saved if diagnosed and treated on time. The importance of Fetal Echo during pregnancy was also explained to us by Dr. Kohli and we make it a point to share it in our circle whenever we know of someone who is expecting. We also got to know about this nobel initiative by Dr. Kohli and team in establishing the NGO "Child Heart Foundation" ( which was then still in its nascent stage) to enlighten the masses about the Congenital Heart Conditions and also offering free treatment and surgery to the under privileged sections of the society. We have been associated to the foundation from the last few years now and do our bit towards the Nobel cause and also encourage people to do the same. The happiness you get by knowing that you made a Heart Smile will linger on for a long time. Here's wishing this endeavor all the very best. May God be with all!

- Rajat Bagchi

Hands off to the initiative of helping thousands of poor parents who are unable to provide the proper treatment to their children born with Congenital Heart Defects.

- Anish Verma