Doctor's Testimonials

Doctor's Testimonials for Hridya Saksham Project

I feel the amount of Knowledge and understanding that I received cannot be expressed in words. I am going back with immense confidence and belief that I will be able to develop and practice my echo skills safely and effectively. I highly recommend this course to paediatricians / neonatologists looking to start their journey in Paediatric Cardiology.

Dr. Vineet Gupta

Basics made very very clear, hands on training, topics were very well explained…. Discussion that were done were most effective. Interactive sessions very important for making an impression in the mind.


I found the session on 2nd Echo Views highly knowledgably and I will now look forward at developing my expertize through hands on experience.

Dr. Nilesh Palwamkar

Seeing pathological echo on patient was the best modality of teaching and doing echo in front of Dr. Kohli and learning simultaneous was insightful and a great learning experience.

Dr. Akkitesh Choudhary

The most effective modality of teaching was on patient visualizing the views and discussions.

Dr. Priyanka Goswami

I was totally unaware of paediatric echo and it was excellent to learn all the new things. The topics of the lecture were highly informative and excellent.

Dr. Pankaj Agarwal

The most interesting part of the course was detailed explanation of various views, interesting case scenarios discussed on one to one basis.

Dr. Puneet Mahajan

It is a very interactive course. Dr. Kohli is an amazing teacher, her gets to the basics and clear all the concepts and we got enough opportunity for hands on training. Echo was made easy, it has always been a very challenging issue

Dr. Smita

It is a well-designed course and was effectively communicated.

Dr. Durgesh T (Andhra Pradesh)

I enjoyed the course. I think it will be very useful in my future practice

Dr. Saugata Chaudhury

The most interesting topics were Cardiac Anatomy, demonstration of views on dummy, brief introduction on fetal echocardiography was very helpful.

Dr. Bikash(Nepal)

The lecture series are excellent, all the topics are covered and the content is simplified for the beginner level understanding. Hands on training boost your confidence and large collection of abnormal echo’s helps in developing a sound understanding conceptually

Dr. Asif Khan

The course was perfectly designed and delivered.

Dr. Phuong (Vietnam)