Your Zakat and Donation can save baby
Abu Talib's Life

Abu Talib aged 8 months was born in a small village on outskirts of Meerut city in Uttar Pradesh in India. His father Aftab Ansari sells fabrics from door to door. The monthly income of the family is INR 6000, this amount is hardly enough for them to sustain life. Aftab Ansari and his wife Gosia Khatun are struggling to meet ends.

The family has undergone great trauma and pain as they lost two of their children to Congenital Heart Disease due to lack of resources and knowledge. It has emotionally impacted them, the fear and anxiety of losing Abu is visible on their faces.

The birth of Abu Talib brought a new hope in their lives but at the age of 5 months they observed that Abu was showing signs of discomfort. Aftab Ansari recalls and shares - "Abu had troubled in breathing and was feeling restless. These episodes kept repeating over days and we knew something was wrong.”

The family went to different hospitals and finally were referred to our Foundation as they had no money to afford private consultation and treatment. After screening in our free OPD on Thursday, Abu was diagnosed with Severe Aortic Stenosis which essentially is narrowing of the valve in the large blood vessel. Both the parents were counselled about the future line of treatment which required an immediate heart surgery. We have registered him under our CHF HRIDAAN™ Project which provides financial assistance for treatment of Congenital Heart Diseases. All the necessary documents including – Date of Birth certificate, Father’s Income and Address Proof, Estimate Letter, Medical Prescription etc was collected for verification.

At present Child Heart Foundation is raising funds for Abu's Heart Surgery the estimated cost of which is Rs 3,00,000.

This Zakat you can gift Abu’s life to the poor parents who have already lost two babies to this disease. Help them celebrate Festival of Eid and bless you all !