Name: Rubi.

Age: 18 Year Old.

Diseases: Mitral Stenosis.

Surgery Cost: ₹ 3,20,000.00.

Rubi, 18-year-old, has always been fascinated about going to school dressed in the uniform. She watches kids around her studying, playing and living a normal life. Unfortunately, Rubi cannot afford the life she wishes for, due to her severe heart condition which leaves her breathless after any small task, as she has a heart defect called Mitral Stenosis.

The family never knew about the heart condition until Rubi started to complain about chest pain just a year back”, said Saira Bano, Rubi’s mother. In her condition the mitral valve, between the Upper Left and Lower Left chambers of the heart, has a narrowing which restricts the flow of oxygenated blood to the body. This leads to dangerously low oxygen levels in the body leaving the person breathless.

Rubi’s father, Sajid, works as a help at a farm and is not available at home every day. He earns around Rs. 3,000 a month and that is the only income of the family. The amount of money required for Rubi’s surgery is estimated around Rs. 3,20,000. With such a low income, the family cannot afford the surgery. It would take them a lifetime to arrange this amount. They even had to borrow money to come to Delhi for their daughter’s diagnosis, told Saira Bano.

"Rubi is battling for her life as she awaits funds that would help her to get the required treatment done. Help her in her battle for survival. "

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