Name: Aleena.

Age: 8 Months Old.

Diseases: Tetralogy of Fallot(TOF), Large Ventricular Septal Defect(VSD).

Surgery Cost: ₹ 7,00,000.

The family was filled with joy when little Aleena came into this world. Everyone was happy and welcoming the new life in the family. But this happiness did not last long. Soon after birth, Aleena’s condition did not seem fine. Her family thought that its just a sickness and took her to the doctor. Check done there revealed a shocking truth for the family. Their daughter was suffering from a Congenital Heart defect. The family was in shock and couldn’t believe that their little one can be so severely ill.

Aleena, 8 months-old, suffers from severe health condition. She has a hole in her heart. Due to this the child suffers from lack of proper blood flow within the heart and the body.

Having detected the disease, Aleena’s case referred to G.B. Pant hospital. Tests done there confirmed the disease and a surgery was the treatment that was confirmed. This surgery was to be done when Aleena was a year old. During that period, some relative of the family got to know about the Child Heart Foundation and told them about it. The family came to the Child Heart Foundation and got to the diagnosis done to know the proper treatment that was to be done. Tests at the organisation confirmed that Aleena had to undergo two surgeries. The cost for the first surgery is Rs. 4,50,000 and later she will undergo a second surgery costing Rs. 2,50,000.

The family has 4 members and the only earning member is the father of Aleena, Mohd Naushad. He works in a private shop and earns Rs. 8000 thousand a month. This money is to be utilised to run the house and meeting the needs of all the members. In such a financial constraint the family cannot afford the cost of the treatment that is required.

"Aleena is now 8 months-old and soon would be requiring the surgery. She has been on a decline ever since she was detected with a CHD. She has not been able to gain weight as a normal child and also suffers from pain. Aleena has been registers under the HriDAAN – financial assistance project. We need your support in helping little Aleena to live a normal life like any other child. Come forward and contribute in giving Aleena a life that she deserves. "

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