Name: Aarav Tyagi.

Age: 6 Months Old.

Diseases: Large VSD.

Surgery Cost: ₹ 3,70,000.

Aarav, 6-months-old, suffers from a serious illness from such a young and tender age. At this age children cannot even speak or walk. But, are at their playful best. Aarav was different since he was born. He did not behave like the normal children. Suffering from a lot of pain, he kept crying. He has a problem in his leg and is also unable to open his hands completely. His parents sensed that something was not right.

Aarav’s parents took him to the doctor. That was when Aarav was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease. Aarav’s health is deteriorating day by day. The doctors have told for an urgent surgery in order to save his life. The estimated amount of money required for the surgery is around Rs. 3.7 lakhs.

The family has an agriculture-based business. Belonging to Bijnor in UP, the family’s source of income is the harvest from the land they own. For them it seems an impossible task to generate so much funds so fast. Aarav’s father was married at an early age and so he is still studying.

"The family is in great need of money to fund their son’s surgery. That is the only way the doctor says will save Aarav Tyagi’s life. The family came in contact with the Child Heart Foundation and were registered under HriDAAN financial assistance programme. We at CHF need your support in providing the family with the gift of their son’s life. Come forward and contribute towards giving Aarav a beautiful, healthy and a pain free life."

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