Name: Saurav.

Age: 8 Months.

Diseases: Double Inlet Single Left Ventricle.

Surgery Cost: ₹ 2.2 Lakhs.

Saurav, aged 8-months, is suffering from a life-threatening heart defect. He has a hole in his heart. This defect was detected when Sourav was in the womb. This was diagnosed through a fetal echo of the mother at 7-months of pregnancy. But the treatment has only started after Sourav was born.

Sourav requires an urgent surgery, or else the child’s life is at risk. The doctor has prescribed to have a surgery as immediately as possible. But the amount required for the surgery is not something which the family has at their disposal. Pramod, Sourav’s father has a private job and works in DTH company and earns Rs. 10,000 per month which goes in running the house.

Pramod’s father has passed away recently. He was suffering from cancer. The little savings that Pramod had, were all spent in the treatment of his father. Now Pramod is the only earner in the family. The amount of salary that Pramod earns is not enough to make him able to afford the cost of the surgery of his Child. The economic condition of this lower middle-class family is hand to mouth and they do not have any friends or relatives to help him or to pull him out of the crisis he is in.

"He seeks help to raise fund for his child, who would live a normal life once the surgical procedures are done on him. The congenital heart disease is definitely curable if proper and timely medical attention is provided. Saurav’s father cannot be a lone fighter in this field to treat his son, financial assistance from the donors is the urgent need of the hour. Please come forward and contribute towards helping Sourav get a life he deserves. Your support can save a life."

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