Name: Bhavna.

Age: 10 year old.

Diseases: Atrial Septal Defects (ASD).

Surgery Cost: ₹ 3,00,000.00.

Trouble makers are what these tiny masters are called! Filled with enthusiasm and a lot of live spirit, they challenge this tough life everyday with their carefree and full of life attitude. 10 is the age where children begin to cognize these astonishing mysteries of this world. 10 is the age, where children learns and unlearn every day. Children, who stun the world with their restless attitude, are found in this tender age only. But Bhavna has to pay a huge price for playing any of this mischief.

Bhavna is a 10 year old, grade 4 student, Unlike every other normal, healthy child,Bhavna was born with ASD which is a fatal congenital heart defect. She has a hole in her heart, which is making her heart lose its efficiency with each passing day. Bhavna experiences swelling in legs, extreme fatigue and shortness of breath. Her condition is getting critical day by day and this does not allow her to go to school.

Rohtash and Saroj put their best to give their child the love and medications she needs. But are falling short in arranging the funds for her life saving heart surgery.

Doctors have recommended her surgery costing around INR 3 lacs. Her family's monthly income is INR 12,000 per month and this makes difficult it for their family to arrange the funds.

"Let us all play a signifying role in saving her life by donating and raising funds. This child has the potential to rise far ahead in her future, and right now we have a potential to save her future. So let us all take this mission of saving her life."

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