Name: Naman.

Age: 6 months old.

Diseases: TOF Repair.

Surgery Cost: ₹ Rs.4,20,000.

Naman is fighting hard for every next breath he takes. With each passing day his fight gets tougher. 
Just like every other infant, this giggling and cuddling six months old also looks fine with his life going on. But the tragedy of this little baby is that he don't share the same health as his other fellow toddlers. Naman’s milestones are not far ahead but his little heart might not keep him alive for that long.

The fear of losing their child has become an inevitable truth for Naman's parents. And the pain that he is going through is too much of emotional turmoil for them. He needs his life saving heart surgery done as soon as possible.

Baby Naman has a big hole in his heart which is stopping the flow of his oxygen to his lungs. His heart is battling siliently, Naman's heart is working overtime to pump the blood to the rest of his body. While the oxygen level of his blood is dropping. If it continues, Naman's condition will become severe.

Naresh and Tara were filled with joy when they had Naman as their second child; little did they know that their child's heart will have to bear a lot. He needs to get the surgery before it becomes inoperable. The next time his oxygen level drop, there is no coming back.” Said the parents in grief. Aghast with fear of losing their child, his parents are working hard to save every single penny for their child's surgery, but the amount is huge and time is running out. With each fleeting second their hope to save their child is taking a back

"Let us not let his parents fight go in vain and take a step forward to save Naman."

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