Name: Samar.

Age: 3 years old.

Diseases: Aortic Stenosis Defect (ASD) .

Surgery Cost: ₹ 3,75,000.00.

This young child has got the most appealing smile. Samar is a three year old, fighting for survival as his little heart is not functioning to full capacity. At birth, 3-year-old Samar looked absolutely normal; it was only after he turned 2 months old that he started getting breathing troubles. He was found to have two holes between the two upper chambers of his heart. This was causing oxygen-rich blood to leak into the oxygen-poor chambers of the heart.

Samar parents started observing symptoms of his heart defect when he was two months old. Samar had breathing problems and always got fever very often. When diagnosed they got to know about his disease. Doctors recommend him to have a heart surgery within a month or two, cost of which was 90,000. His father Sanju and mother Rinku did not had any savings, so they borrowed money from people and got their son’s surgery done.

3-year-old Samar’s surgery was deemed successful, but not for long While doctors were able to repair one hole, they believed that the other one would close on its own in due course of time. Sandeep and Rinku were also relieved that they could help Samar get a life-saving surgery. They believed that their son would grow up to be normal – but fate had other plans.

They find out that the other hole of the heart has been not filled yet, and their son requires another surgery now, that too on immediate basis otherwise his heart’s condition would become more critical. Samar is very weak and is not able to gain weight due to his heart condition.

Doctors have recommend him an ASD Device Closure, which would cost them INR 3,75,000
Sandeep is a farmer who harvests wheat and mustard on his small farm, and earns only around Rs 7,000 when the crop is good. He is the sole breadwinner of his family consisting of his elderly parents, wife, Rinku and two children – Khushi (10) and Samar (3). He does not have enough money to pay for his son’s second surgery.

"Child Heart Foundation is making all the efforts to collect funds for Samar's operation. Let us all Join hands save this bright child's future by saving his heart. "

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