The second wave of COVID 19, has highly impacted the health infrastructure of the nation leaving many to suffer at their cost. The lower income groups have found it extremely challenging to cope with the virus. Within all the suffering, something has risen above all the chaos that is humanity. It is very humble and touching to see how in such times each individual has come forward to do their part. One such brave soul is- Parissa Sikand

12-year-old Parissa Sikand faced health issues during her recovery from Covid -19. That experience had a huge impact on her. The expenses needed for her IVIG treatment made her take the resolution of raising funds for children and mothers who need help during this ongoing pandemic.
Community health being the core focus of Child Heart Foundation, we joined hands with Parissa Sikand and formed ‘CHF-PARISSA SIKAND COVID RELIEF

We are targeting needy mothers and children of the lower income groups Pan India who need help with financial assistance for

  • COVID treatments which includes expenses for medicines, tests and other hospitalization charges.
  • Ration supplies for families who have lost earning member
  • School and books expenses for families who can’t afford due to loss of job or earning member

How we provide help: 1. We have a dedicated hotline number where we receive calls for help and have a team of volunteers helping us, they take up the case/lead for verification of documents like (prescriptions, medical bills, reports, identification proofs, death certificate.

2. Then the funds disbursement process is done by the team after the verification is complete. Suffering lies beyond the medical needs as well in the midst of this pandemic. We also help non covid cases involving needy mothers and children


This is our attempt to bring a change into the lives of those suffering. Here is the link to Parrisa’s Fundraiser- In her words “Every little donation counts, the change starts with you and do remember - Every child has a right to live”

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More than 20,000 underprivileged children for congenital heart defects has been screened in three locations namely – Delhi, Siliguri and Punjab || Approximately 8000 pregnant women have been screened in three locations namely – Delhi, Siliguri and Punjab || 99 children successfully underwent Heart Surgeries under CHF Hridaan ® Program || Approximately 1,00,000 people have participated in community awareness programs on Healthy Heart || 8 Children with Pulmonary Hypertension are provided life saving medicines at their doorsteps || 4 patients are receiving financial assistance for their cost of outstation travel to access follow up treatments || 75 Doctors from different parts of India have been trained to launch this program on Pan India Level in future || 18 active volunteers are providing 10,000 hours of voluntary service annually